By Lorri Markum

April 14, 2022

Clinical labs could arguably be identified as the heart of any health system. Lab testing is the single highest-volume medical activity within a health system. Without the results and data from lab work, clinicians, providers and patients wouldn’t have clear insight into patient needs. Approximately 70 percent of medical decisions are based on pathology and laboratory test results.

hc1 looks forward to recognizing medical labs each year during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. This year’s Lab Week takes place April 24–30, 2022. It’s an annual celebration of the medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in health care and patient advocacy.

The past two and a half years stressed many clinical labs beyond the point of reason. Overworked lab staff and the increasing demands of the pandemic thrust labs into critical overload in all directions with abundant tests data collection. Join us in recognizing the hard work and exceptional effort those working in medical labs provide by creating and sharing social posts during this week.

Over 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data are generated every year in healthcare. Harnessing the vast amounts of healthcare data generated by clinical laboratories is crucial to achieving goals that move toward a more value-based care framework rewarding performance over volume. Health systems and providers are increasingly looking to leverage clinical data to gain greater insights in order to develop new interventions that improve quality care.

We must collaborate to proactively remove data silos to quickly identify warning signs, achieve timelier disease detection and better health monitoring. As part of this collaboration process, it’s important to share knowledge and resources with others in the healthcare industry.

This April 27 and 28, hc1 is participating in the Executive War College (EWC) annual conference for clinical laboratory managers, pathology group managers, In Vitro diagnostics, lab sales managers, lab analysts and lab investors in New Orleans.

EWC brings lab executives and their teams together to learn what's new, what's working and how to lead their lab to success. On Wednesday, April 27, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. John Moyer, Senior Product Director, Lab Division, and Andrew Boyle, Operational Analytics Manager, Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona, will present They will share a case study on how Sonora Quest Laboratories has used hc1’s robust Lab Insights Platform to unlock actionable insights within the lab’s data using real-time analytics. 

Additionally, hc1 will sponsor two events providing networking opportunities. Attendees will have a chance to meet, interact and converse with top leaders in the industry with chances to forge collaborations and learn more about solutions available to help eliminate some stressors labs currently face today.

Whether you plan to attend EWC or not, it's important to both recognize the contributions of the people who work in the lab industry and seek collaborative opportunities to help advance the capabilities and efficiencies of medical labs. 

hc1 has been working with labs and transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights® for more than 10 years. Solutions built on the hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ help labs better serve their clinicians and patients by enabling quick access to the insights needed to improve how they manage internal and external processes and relationships.

If you're interested in collaborating and learning more, click here to schedule your customized demo.

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