Are you being asked to do more with less?

With labs facing staffing shortages and demands to reduce costs, being able to work efficiently and track performance is of the utmost importance.

But often data and processes are scattered across a variety of disconnected systems and spreadsheets, wasting valuable resources and putting patient care and provider relationships at risk.

Able to integrate with all your healthcare data sources and fully configurable to your needs, hc1 Operations Management empowers lab teams to collaborate in real-time to uncover meaningful insights, work more efficiently and enhance customer relationships.

How can we collaborate more effectively and access our data more easily across our disconnected systems?
How do we gain insight into our provider relationships to drive sales and improve service?
How can we automate processes and help our team work more efficiently?
We lack visibility into our lab’s performance. How do we better measure our success?

Why You Need a Lab-Specific Solution

With data spread across disconnected systems and spreadsheets, labs need a way to integrate, analyze and visualize operational metrics, as well as seamlessly connect operations with sales, service, and customers.

hc1 Operations Management integrates with your healthcare data sources to bring sales, service and operations workflows onto a single, HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified platform

Access critical customer information in real-time, collaborate across departments and streamline processes to act on sales opportunities, quickly resolve issues and ensure your customers are satisfied.

Access critical customer information in real time

View all data related to a specific account, provider or patient on a single page, empowering your sales and service teams with the information they need at-a-glance.

Uncover actionable insights in your data

Utilize intuitive dashboards designed for lab needs to respond to changing order volume and payment trends and identify areas for improvement.

Streamline processes to increase operational efficiency

Generate automated alerts to specific teams or users and take immediate action by quickly creating and assigning cases and tasks.

Built for the lab and configurable to your needs

Operations Management comes standard with healthcare record types and fields while also allowing you to create custom fields and screen layouts.

Drive superior service and performance

Whether you’re managing your sales pipeline, resolving customer issues or analyzing your teams’ performance, Operations Management helps you streamline internal processes, better manage your customer relationships and uncover actionable insights in your data.

hc1 CRM™ App puts sales features at your fingertips

hc1 Operations Management comes with the hc1 CRM App, which enables sales representatives and other hc1 users to access all their organization's hc1 data in a streamlined interface designed for phone use.

Reps can locate contact information and initiate a call or email with just a screen tap, quickly review client activities before walking in the door, update opportunities on-the-go and easily map the location for their next visit.

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Operations Management CRM mobile app in action

Enhance hc1 Operations Management with add-on solutions

Add-on solutions take your workflows to the next level. hc1 Campaign Management™, hc1 Rapid Response Queue™ and hc1 Provider View™ work seamlessly with Operations Management to provide your teams with even more capabilities without having to leave the hc1 Platform®.

Campaign Management

Reach the right audience with the right message. hc1 Campaign Management makes outreach communications easier and more effective for labs by automating processes, enabling customization and providing real-time analytics all within the hc1 Platform®.

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Rapid Response Queue

When critical and urgent test result notifications are needed, speed, organization and efficiency are essential. With hc1 Rapid Response Queue™ quickly and easily assigning and tracking these important calls to completion in real-time is a reality. This add-on solution standardizes and automates critical and urgent workflows across departments based on clinical lab results.

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Provider View

Gain access to nearly 6 million curated provider records, including detailed analysis of medical claims and prescribing activity with hc1 Provider View™. Turn curated data into targeted outreach and growth.

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Take your lab to the next level

Pair hc1 Analytics™ with hc1 Operations Management™ to take ownership of your lab data and gain real-time insights into your lab's operations.

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