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For more than a decade, hc1 solutions have been empowering thousands of laboratory locations to leverage the insights within their own data to optimize operations and inform testing and treatment decisions for millions of patients. 

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Our solutions help thousands of laboratory locations extend their capabilities to optimize operations and proactively engage with their customers.

  • hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ - connects patient health data sources to uncover actionable signals across patient populations and cohorts that inform operational and patient care decisions.

  • hc1 Performance Analytics™ - access critical lab quality metrics in real-time, including volume, turnaround time and operational spend in a single system. 

  • hc1 Operations Management™ - optimize your lab operations, grow sales and retain customers.

  • hc1 PrecisionDx Advisor™ - unlock unnecessary testing patterns through real-time insights to enable your lab to align guidelines with test utilization goals and drive organizational change.

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