Optimize operations, engage with providers and inform testing and treatment decisions

Over more than a decade of working with labs, hc1 has developed the technology and expertise to make extracting insights from lab data quick and easy. We understand and work with laboratories’ native data format. By creating a foundation of accurate and real-time insights, we open a world of opportunity to solve challenges for labs.

hc1 Performance Analytics™

Access critical lab quality metrics in real-time including volume, turnaround time and operational spend in a single system.

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hc1 Operations Management™

Integrate provider, patient, location, specimen and other data in order to improve relationships, reduce time to issue resolution and provide insights for lab management to impact the bottom line.

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hc1 Workforce Optimization™

Resolve staffing shortages before they happen by using AI to predict demand for lab services and provide staff scheduling recommendations.

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Our lab scheduling software enables lab scheduling optimization through AI-powered recommendations.

hc1 Sendout Management™

Optimize reference lab spending with real-time visibility into sendout testing volume, reference lab performance and cost.

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hc1 PrecisionDx Advisor™

Take the guesswork out of effectively managing test utilization with strategic guidance and cloud-based technology.

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hc1 PrecisionDx Advisor solution overview