The Pain

With 73% of labs currently understaffed, a continuing burden is placed on lab professionals to do more with less. This nationwide shortage amounts to approximately one lab technologist per 1,000 people. The demand is great and the stress is being felt nationwide. The ultimate result is a lack of quality care for patients.


The Solution

hc1 Workforce Optimization™ will optimize lab staffing through AI and machine learning models trained on combined timekeeping and testing data. This upcoming solution will ease the burden of insufficient staffing by giving lab leaders the ability to proactively identify problems and project future demands.

Is there an easy way to end staffing issues?

The answer is yes! We are creating a solution that identifies your staffing problems and uses trained AI models to project the future demands your lab faces. We know it's difficult to prove you have staffing issues, so hc1 Workforce Optimization arms you with the evidence you need to create a positive strategy and proactively address these pain points.

How can we overcome the struggle to keep up with volume demands in our lab?
Understaffing is causing our lab to miss benchmarks and turnaround times on critical and urgent tests; what can we do?
My lab is being asked to do more with fewer resources, is this even attainable?
How can our lab deal with staff burnout and retention issues?

hc1 expertise combined with AI and ML makes being proactive a reality

hc1’s team of data scientists leverages AI and machine learning (ML) in a variety of applications. We are helping to identify early access at-risk Alzheimer's patients, bring life-saving drugs to market sooner and identify at-risk patients across a variety of disease states. 

We use AI in workforce optimization to solve an important operational problem for lab leaders: predicting demand for lab services across the organization. hc1’s machine learning model takes existing lab volume and timekeeping data, measures it against a large existing dataset and projects future trends. We go even further and turn these insights into direct, actionable recommendations to optimize your lab staffing.

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Workforce Optimization

hc1 is seeking early adopters for Workforce Optimization™

Be one of the first to experience hc1 Workforce Optimization in action in your organization and say goodbye to reactive staffing methodology. 

"We know the tighter margins in healthcare due to labor shortages have created an urgent need to optimize staffing and expenses," Scott Hudson, senior director of sales and operations management, hc1.

By signing on as an early adopter for this new hc1 solution, your lab will see the benefits sooner and be able to take advantage of a special offer opportunity.

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