An hc1 Workforce Optimization demonstration

Imagine being able to...

  1. Appropriately staff each of your departments and lighten your employees’ workloads to decrease staff turnover and burnout,
  2. Significantly reduce your sendouts and reliance on short-term staffing, and
  3. Ensure that your staffing levels are optimized to help reduce turnaround times, meet your benchmarks and improve patient outcomes.

During this 30-minute webinar, we’ll show you how hc1’s new Workforce Optimization solution helps labs resolve staffing shortages before they happen by predicting demand for lab services and providing leaders with AI-generated staff scheduling recommendations.

Who will gain the most value from watching this?

  • Independent Lab Directors and Managers
  • Health System and Hospital Lab Leaders
  • Vice Presidents of Ancillary Services
  • Lab Sales and Client Services Leaders