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Health systems are held accountable for delivering the highest level of patient care at the lowest cost—all while complying with new mandates. Labs are in a unique position to provide extraordinary guidance within the care team by tapping into their data’s vast potential. Lab data is timely, inexpensive and provides the ability to paint an objective picture of the patient’s health, helping health systems deliver better care while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. 

However, lab diagnostic data and operational metrics often reside in a variety of disconnected systems, making it difficult to extract insights and risk signals, act quickly when issues arise and get a holistic picture of performance.

hc1 connects disparate lab data sources to uncover meaningful insights that enable health system and IDN labs to become value centers.

More than analytics. More than a CRM.

We're experts in unlocking real-time insights from complex lab data.

Over more than a decade hc1 has developed the technology and expertise to make the once daunting task of extracting insights from lab data quick and easy. We understand and work with laboratories’ native data format and then we don’t just activate the solution and walk away. Our experts continue to help extend the client's capabilities throughout the life of their contract.

Our Platform
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How to Become a More Consultative Laboratory

By adopting a proactive, consultative approach to customer service, laboratories can strengthen and elevate their role within the care team while also improving patient care.

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<p><span style="font-weight: 300;">Reducing waste and improving patient outcomes is as simple as tapping into the heartbeat of healthcare&mdash;the medical laboratory. Start your journey with hc1 today.</span></p>

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