The Pain

Pharma manufacturers have developed valuable drugs to treat patients. Traditionally, to increase provider awareness of these medications, pharma reps visit provider offices and discuss the superiority of their drug over a competitor’s. Due to providers’ busy schedules, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act and corporate hurdles due to practice consolidation, this method has become increasingly difficult. Pharma needs innovative ways to connect with providers to increase awareness of their medications and their intended use. These life science organizations need better information to target their efforts and connect with the providers whose patients need their help the most.


Our Solution

Through hc1’s Precision Health Cloud™, the lab, EHR and claims data that is ingested, normalized and utilized to drive action for labs and health systems can also be leveraged by pharma for patient outcomes. The hc1 Platform® can identify providers whose patients have a specific treatment need, so pharma reps can target their communication to ensure those providers are aware of the available medication options. Due to hc1’s vast amount of data, we are able to reduce the time to this provider communication, ultimately reducing time to patient treatment and health outcomes. Pharma insights from hc1 replace the trial and error care method through identifying signals in healthcare data to improve outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care. 


Weekly alerts provide the insights you need

hc1 was founded in data interoperability, analytics and workflows that improve laboratory operations. Connected to 20k diagnostic ordering locations analyzing more than 500M real-time results per month across more than 1M providers, hc1 identifies signals in lab, EHR and claims data to match precise patient needs with appropriate prescriptions by clinician, driving precision diagnostics and patient outcomes.

Save time.

Time to patient identification is targeted, exact. Previous interactions were vague, marketing to a provider for a when a drug might be needed later. Now timely data signals identify a provider who can use the exact prescription.

Decrease lab spend

Save money.

With this knowledge, the pharma company saves money. Sales representatives are expensive; targeted prospecting arms the rep with the right test, right provider, right patient.

Gain insight into ordering patterns

Increase revenue.

With the right targeting, appropriate and forecastable revenue should follow.

How does it work?

Each project is designed specific to the pharma company’s needs. Our client details a project then we set up queries and begin our insight tracking.

Define Needs

Type of patient, test result ranges and demographic needs.

Identify Signals in the Data

hc1 will mine the platform, identifying signals that match the project requirements.

Deliver Insights

An alert is set up to automatically send the list of providers that need to be consulted about therapy and medication within a few days of signal identification. hc1 delivers files weekly that contain key information, without exposing identifiable patient data, to ensure the client can target and identify the patient needing the right treatment.

Connect with the Provider

The pharma company’s representatives contact the providers identified and ensure they understand the treatments available and their intended use. 

Access hc1's knowledge of healthcare data to create solutions that solve your greatest challenges

<p>Ensuring the right provider gets the Right Patient. Right Test. Right Treatment&trade;.</p>

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