Labs are under enormous pressure to both protect and grow revenue. Lagging, manually compiled quality metrics are stifling the ability to succeed. It is increasingly difficult to discern customer satisfaction, profitability or important issues, and sales and service teams are rarely aligned.

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Health Systems

Health systems are now held accountable for delivering the highest level of patient care at the lowest cost —  all while complying with new mandates. Disparate systems and departments make it difficult to stay in front of issues.

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Lab Stewardship Committees

When structured and supported well, a lab stewardship committee will organize and guide optimal, patient-centric lab testing. Estimates project that health systems can reduce costs up to $5 billion per year by eliminating redundant tests. Even more savings, and patient satisfaction, can be realized through increasing use of appropriate tests that diagnose diseases early when treatment can be more effective.

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Pharma manufacturers have developed valuable drugs to treat patients and need innovative ways to connect with providers to increase awareness of their medications and their intended use and match precise patient needs with appropriate prescriptions by clinician, driving precision diagnostics and better patient outcomes.

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Ready To Start Delivering High-Value Care?

<p>Right Patient. Right Test. Right Prescription. It all begins by transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights. Start your journey with hc1 today.</p>

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