The Pain

Most labs are flush with data, but accessing and analyzing it has been difficult. Lab diagnostic data and operational metrics often reside in several different isolated systems. Lab managers end up downloading data from each of the individual systems and sifting through spreadsheets to look for trends and report the results. This kind of report generation is frustrating and time-consuming.

Our Solution

Access critical quality metrics from data integrated into a single system. With hc1 Analytics™, automated reporting and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking is available in real-time, effectively eliminating delayed and static data. Trends are easy to spot in the clear charts and graphs, and filters and layered reporting mean that detailed information is just a click away.

Need better insights into your lab's operations?

You want to improve turn around time, serve your patients, and make sure you’re staffed based on volume, but you don’t have real-time access to your lab data.

Pulling reports manually or relying on IT’s help can take months.

How are you supposed to gain access to critical quality metrics from anywhere, at any time?

How can my sales reps easily view total volume by physician and date range?
How can I gain actionable insights that result in better turnaround time performance, policy adherence, and more test management focus?
How do I streamline documentation to track issue metrics and decrease time to reporting?
How can I use data to fully prepare our laboratory for accreditation inspections?

See what hc1 Analytics™ can do for you

Say goodbye to the days of manual, time-intensive processes and reporting. Labs can now gather and visualize quality metrics in real-time and drill down into individual KPIs for further insight. All of these analytics join together to guide data-driven decisions to help increase operational efficiency and decrease issue resolution time.

Enhance your hc1 Analytics with Add-On Solutions

These new add-on solutions provide even more valuable information to help make informed decisions and work smoothly and easily when paired together with your hc1 Analytics.


Transform your sendout process with real-time insights. hc1 Sendout Management™ helps labs optimize their reference lab spending by providing real-time visibility into sendout testing volume, reference lab performance and cost.

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hc1 Order Oversight™ helps health system and lab leaders improve quality of care and reduce costs by identifying opportunities to align provider ordering habits with testing best practices. This solution is now additionally included in hc1 PrecisionDx Advisor™.

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Are you ready to take ownership of your lab data?

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