Lab leaders told us they needed more insights to make informed decisions about their sendout testing, so we built them a solution!

Sendout Management helps labs optimize their reference lab spending by providing real-time visibility into sendout testing volume, reference lab performance and cost. This solution can be added to hc1 Analytics™ for even more robust insights.

Sendout testing is one of our largest expenses. How do we ensure our spending is optimized?
How can we assess how our reference labs are performing to keep them accountable?
We use multiple reference labs. How can we avoid inconsistent turnaround times and prices?
How can we make informed decisions on whether a test should be brought in-house vs. sent out?

Real-Time Visibility into Key Metrics

hc1 Sendout Management™ consolidates laboratory data to provide real-time insight into reference lab performance and cost to inform operational decisions. Intuitive dashboards include key metrics like volume, total and average spend and turnaround time, enabling lab management to standardize their sendout process, ensure they are getting the best prices and drive accountability on performance benchmarks.

Utilize real-time insights to make informed decisions

Intuitive dashboards with a wealth of real-time data and advanced filters help inform decision-making, such as bringing a test in-house vs. sending it out.

Standardize your sendout testing process

Compare all your reference labs to see which have the best turnaround time and prices and identify outliers to inform decisions.

Optimize pricing to reduce sendout spend

Compare testing across reference labs to ensure the best price is being achieved and monitor trends over time for continuous evaluation.

Monitor sendout TaT to drive accountability and improve care

Real-time TaT metrics and trend-over-time analysis help you ensure reference labs are meeting their performance benchmarks and service-level agreements for each test.

See it all in action!

During this special webinar event, hc1 experts will show what Sendout Management will bring to the hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ with a live demo of the new solution. A 15-minute Q&A session will follow this approximately 30-minute webinar.

Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 11 a.m. EST.

hc1 experts will focus on the capabilities of hc1 Sendout Management and the benefits of adding it to hc1 Analytics™.

This is a live-stream webinar event.

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