By Mackin Bannon

August 2, 2023

Data has never been more valuable than it is today. Specifically, laboratory data can be a precious asset. It’s timely, inexpensive, and it provides the ability to paint an objective picture of the patient’s health that you cannot get from any other source of data.

However, the healthcare industry has a data problem. It’s estimated that about 80% of medical data collected today is ignored, unsaved or abandoned, providing no benefit to patient care after the encounter. However, much of this data could contain “vital clinical and business-related insights.”

Laboratories are in a great position to leverage the vast amount of valuable data in their care to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered. However, many labs struggle to do this due to limited resources and systems that aren’t designed to leverage large amounts of data in aggregate.

hc1 is here to help.

For more than a decade, hc1 has been helping labs leverage their data to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of meeting their goals. We have the technology and expertise to make extracting insights from lab data quick and easy. 

We understand and work with laboratories’ native data format, extrapolating insights and risk signals to uncover actionable information. By creating a foundation of accurate and real-time insights, we open a world of opportunity for labs to overcome challenges, adopt a consultative approach and realize their full potential.

Below are three ways in which hc1 has helped clients unlock the value of their data to revolutionize their labs.

Uncovering inefficient test ordering practices to improve patient care and reduce costs

Lab testing is the single highest volume medical activity within a health system, yet 20% of hospital inpatient lab testing is unnecessary and has no direct impact on the patient’s care. However, labs typically lack an easy way to gain insight into providers’ ordering behavior and manage test ordering guidelines, so they can drive change and track improvement. 

hc1’s PrecisionDx Advisor™ solution combines real-time insights with expert-backed recommendations to surface unnecessary testing patterns, enabling labs to align guidelines with test utilization goals and drive change across an organization.

hc1 clients have used this solution to save tens of thousands of dollars while improving patient care by:

  • Reducing concurrent Amylase and Lipase orders by 47%
  • Reducing concurrent CKMB with Troponin orders by 58%
  • Decreasing overall order exceptions by 44%

Optimizing staffing and processes to reduce burnout and improve lab operations

With labs facing staffing shortages and demands to reduce costs, being able to work efficiently and track performance is of the utmost importance. But often, data and processes are scattered across a variety of disconnected systems and spreadsheets, wasting valuable resources and leading to employee burnout and turnover.

The hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ connects disparate lab data sources to uncover meaningful insights while enabling lab teams to collaborate in real time and work more efficiently.

hc1 clients have used our Lab Insights Platform to:

  • Optimize 25+ internal processes
  • Gain 32 additional days of sales field time per year
  • Reduce overall workload by 6.25%

Gaining clear visibility into lab operations to improve customer service

Software systems used in the laboratory are often not built with the lab in mind and don’t communicate well with one another, making it difficult and time-consuming to resolve customer issues quickly and collaborate across departments. Labs can’t easily access and analyze their data to gain insight into provider relationships.

hc1 Operations Management™ is a relationship management solution designed specifically for labs. It brings sales, service and operations workflows onto a single platform to empower lab teams to collaborate in real-time to enhance customer relationships.

hc1 clients have used Operations Management to:

  • Satisfy 90% of day-to-day client services operations
  • Retain 99.5% of current business

You can unlock the value of your data and revolutionize your lab, let us show you how! Schedule your custom demo today and be on your way!


Mackin Bannon is the product marketing manager for hc1. Before joining hc1 in 2022, Mackin held a variety of roles covering nearly every area of marketing before settling on product marketing as a focus. During the workday, he enjoys bringing stories to life in clear and creative ways. In his free time, he enjoys following his favorite sports teams, collecting vinyl records and exploring Indianapolis.

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