By Lauren VanDenBoom

hc1 was recently featured in Katz, Sapper, and Miller’s “Doing Great Things” video series. The series spotlights the work KSM clients are doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Casse Tate, a partner in KSM’s business advisory group interviewed hc1 Chief Operating Officer, Chris Brown, and Physician Executive, Peter J. Plantes, MD, as they delved into how hc1 has pivoted to serve high-level care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Identifying CV19 trends through lab testing and enabling healthcare and public health professionals to use these insights to take decisive and earlier action has proved critical as the pandemic fluctuates. hc1 saw the potential for an ‘early warning system’ to alert emergency rooms, intensive care units, and hospitals to remove the surprise of a major influx of positive COVID-19. The CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard™ powered by hc1 provides this early warning for free to healthcare professionals, public health, and government officials. 

In differentiating the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard™ from other lab testing dashboards, Dr. Plantes explained what the hc1 Local Risk Index™ (LRI) is doing for communities nationwide through predicting a local influx of hospital patients two weeks in advance. The problem with insights extracted from nationwide risk trends is the inclusion of a wide variety of regions that have been impacted by the pandemic at opposite ends of the spectrum. From Dr. Plantes’ perspective, people want to know how they and their families will be impacted in their specific community, the LRI does just that. 

In addition, the hc1 Workforce Advisor™ is a new solution for employers to allow their employees to return to work safely and keep them safe as the pandemic progresses. Through combining the hc1 Local Risk Index™ (LRI) for where each employee lives and the location of a company, employers can be advised of what avenue they should take to plan and adapt to challenges presented by COVID-19 to the workplace. By also integrating lab testing, symptom tracking, and exposure notification, hc1 Workforce Advisor™  can also help employers manage the data needed to safely return employees to the workplace.

Dr. Plantes also spoke on his involvement in the CV19 Healthcare Coalition as the representative for hc1. With 600 members, hc1 was one of the first featured companies presented to highlight new breakthroughs related to  COVID-19. 

Visit Ktz, Sapper and Miller’s website  watch the full interview.  

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