By Lauren VanDenBoom

December 13, 2019

Brad Bostic, hc1 chairman and CEO, was recently featured as a guest on Health Professional Radio (HPR). In the interview with host Neil Howard, Bostic discussed hc1’s strategic collaboration with Quest Diagnostics focused on improving costs and clinical impact of lab testing. Quest® Lab Stewardship™ powered by hc1® employs machine learning to harmonize laboratory testing across health systems to optimize laboratory test utilization. “Quest is really a leader in diagnostic services, one of the largest, if not the largest in the world,” Bostic said. “They’ve really become more and more focused on not just delivering high quality testing, but actually delivering insights and knowledge to caregivers to deliver higher quality of care.”

Bostic also discussed the current challenges health systems face in improving quality and cost-efficiency through laboratory stewardship. He said the future is bright when it comes to leveraging technology to enable more effective processes through clinical decision support. The technology is not intended to replace the human caregiver, but help them work more efficiently and provide insights. With this support, patients can be diagnosed faster and more accurately, ultimately getting better faster.

“We’ve got a really deep focus in improving lives with high value care,” Bostic said. “hc1 is all about making sure the right patient gets the right test and the right prescription, which ultimately allows the entire healthcare system to run effectively.”

The hc1 High-Value Care Platform™ eliminates waste and personalizes care for health systems and diagnostic laboratories nationwide by turning previously static lab data into actionable healthcare insights. For more information about hc1, visit

HPR is a health dedicated media news channel featuring health news, interviews and audio shorts. To listen to the complete interview, visit

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