By Lauren VanDenBoom

July 8, 2020

Eli Lilly and Company and hc1 have recently collaborated to present key data insights from CV19 drive-through testing centers in Central Indiana. Using the most comprehensive COVID-19 analytics dataset available to date for the Central Indiana community, this collaboration enables local officials to make more informed decisions by analyzing patterns of the virus spread and to identify key risk factors within the population. 

Prior to being tested at a Lilly drive-through testing site, anonymized patient responses were collected to gauge infection and risk rates of certain demographics in the population such as healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential personnel. Insights from more than 14,000 of these drive-through COVID-19 tests and corresponding patient responses have been made available to the public via the Lilly COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Dashboard powered by hc1. 

“Lilly approached us to gauge the best method of aggregating and analyzing data points collected from their testing sites that haven’t been historically collected in a lab testing environment,” said Brad Bostic, CEO and founder of hc1. “While there isn’t one particular trend that is foolproof for monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, the granular data generated by the Lilly Dashboard can help derive insights that paint a clearer picture of what Central Indiana infection rates really look like as a whole.”

Through utilizing key findings from more than 14,000 drive-through COVID-19 tests, the Lilly COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Dashboard powered by hc1  gives the public, healthcare providers, and public health officials a more educated view of risk factors in contracting COVID-19 and what the next steps should be to slow the spread and move towards a safe new normal. The increased understanding of such data will create a more efficient connection between testing results and decision-making within Central Indiana. 

To learn more about the collaboration, read our press release.

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