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On-Demand Webinar: Predicting Your Lab’s Future Staffing Needs Now with AI

<p>Imagine being able to...</p> <ol> <li>Appropriately staff each of your departments and lighten your employees&rsquo; workloads to decrease staff turnover and burnout,</li> <li>Significantly reduce your sendouts and reliance on short-term staffing,

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How Sonora Quest Laboratories Eliminated 4 Hours a Day in Performance Report Work

<p>Download this free case study to see how Sonora Quest Laboratories (SQL) leve

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Mid America Clinical Laboratories

<p>Download this free case study to see how Mid America Clinical Laboratories (M

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Transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights.®

hc1 has been helping labs extend their capabilities by empowering them to leverage real-time insights to optimize operations, engage with providers and inform testing and treatment decisions.

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