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On-Demand Webinar: Predicting Your Lab’s Future Staffing Needs Now with AI

<p>Imagine being able to...</p> <ol> <li>Appropriately staff each of your departments and lighten your employees&rsquo; workloads to decrease staff turnover and burnout,</li> <li>Significantly reduce your sendouts and reliance on short-term staffing,

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How hc1 Makes Security and Privacy Our Top Priority

<h3>Download this whitepaper to learn the key elements of hc1&rsquo;s approach t

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Strategies for laboratory professionals to drive laboratory stewardship

<p>Appropriate laboratory testing is critical in today's healthcare environment

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Precision Medicine and Value-Based Care: 4 Qs with Brian Patty, MD

<p>The cost of healthcare in the US is almost double that of any other industria

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The Power Of Localized Data For Public Health

<p>During the pandemic, hc1 realized the hc1 platform contained a wealth of COVI

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What is Needed to Truly Deliver Precision Healthcare?

<p>Despite expectations for individualized care, a majority of the U.S. healthca

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A New Era of Scalable Precision Medicine

<p>By securely and intelligently integrating, normalizing, enriching, and transf

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Pharmacy’s Role in Value-Based Care: The Not-So-Secret Secret Weapon in Value-Based Care

<p>As value-based care and reimbursement become more popular hear from top thoug

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How Precision Health Is Transforming Care Coordination Strategies

<p>Faced with escalating costs of care and administrative requirements that take

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Healthcare NOW Radio: Voices in Value-based Care

<p>The movement to value-based care is revolutionizing how healthcare providers

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The Evolving Care Continuum: Strategies to Effectively Leverage Precision Health

<p><a href="https://www.hc1.com/precision-health-insight-networks/"><span style=

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Introducing the hc1 CRM™ App

<p>Quickly review client activities before walking in the door. Easily map the l

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Transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights.®

hc1 has been helping labs extend their capabilities by empowering them to leverage real-time insights to optimize operations, engage with providers and inform testing and treatment decisions.

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