By Lauren VanDenBoom

July 21, 2021

hc1 and Becker’s Healthcare have again teamed up to host a Precision Health Virtual Summit this August 31 and September 1. The 2020 Summit brought together a host of new ideas and examples of how advances in data-driven care by Precision Health Insight Networks (PHIN) are reducing the overwhelming complexity in our care delivery system.

PHINs have given us the ability to uncover the actionable signals once locked away in siloed patient datasets. With these real-time insights we now are able to identify the right testing and prescriptions for optimal outcomes at the lowest cost.

The 2021 Summit will again bring together some of the foremost precision health thought leaders and industry experts who will focus on implementing precision health practices into care delivery, in turn bringing the benefits of precision health to all patients.

Hospital and health system leaders, healthcare providers and payers won’t want to miss the valuable ideas, information and connections available at this free event.

Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Precision Health is a 2021 top trend and innovation – you don’t want to be left out

Just a few weeks ago, MedGadget named precision medicine one of the Top Biotech Industry Trends & Innovations in 2021. They write that “precision medicine technology allows for offering treatment on the basis of a wide range of crucial aspects, such as environment, lifestyle, and individual variability in genes of each person.” This approach allows researchers, healthcare providers and others to select precise treatment options according to the needs of the individual patient.

Sai Balasubramanian, M.D., J.D. wrote in Forbes that “Indeed, personalized, data-driven, and curated therapeutics will likely be the future of patient care, especially given that there are now tools available to study and collate large amounts of data into usable metrics. Especially with the introduction of machine learning capabilities, the ability to learn from and harness data to make critical decisions has never been more accessible.”

2. You have a rare opportunity to be energized, inspired and equipped with connections to implement precision health

In a recent PSQH article, hc1 CEO Brad Bostic wrote that “Of all the lessons learned during the pandemic, healthcare stakeholders can agree on one thing: Broad adoption of precision medicine must become a priority. When care is personalized to the individual, the outcome is a virtuous cycle that keeps people healthier while making healthcare significantly less costly.”

During the Precision Health Virtual Summit you’ll be exposed to discussions on a wide range of topics including: 

    • The intersection of precision diagnostics and precision prescribing
    • Ingesting, organizing and normalizing healthcare data across silos to make it meaningful
    • Prescriber and provider collaboration for executing on precision prescribing
    • Population stratification and clinical research around precision health
    • The laboratory’s critical role in precision health care and how we ensure clinicians are best equipped for decision-making
    • Where tech is going in the world of precision health and how we are educating the next generation
    • Addressing cost and access concerns in delivering individualized care for all patients
    • Strategic implementation of Pharmacogenomics in Pharmacy

Following the Summit you will be energized and inspired, as well as armed with the connections you need to start or further implement precision health in your own organization. 

3. You’ll hear from some of the foremost precision health thought leaders and experts

hc1 and Becker’s are assembling a group of healthcare leaders who are currently working with and implementing precision health technology and practices. They will share their experiences, ideas and innovations while participating in the Summit’s virtual fireside chats, presentations and panel discussions. The 2021 Precision Health Virtual Summit speakers include:

    • Katherine Capps, President of Health2 Resources and Co-Founder & Executive Director at GTMRx Institute
    • David B. Nash, MD, MBA, Founding Dean Emeritus at Jefferson College of Population Health
    •  Rehan Waheed, MD, Senior Medical Director and CMIO of Healthcare Analytics Solutions at Quest Diagnostics
    • Gilan El Saadaw, MD, PhD, MS, Founder and CMO at Realyze Intelligence
    • David Freeman, General Manager of Healthcare Analytics Solution at Quest Diagnostics
    • Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD, Chief Quality and Safety Officer of AdventHealth
    • Peter J. Embí, MD, MS, FACP, FACMI, FAMIA, FIAHSI, President and CEO at Regenstrief Institute
    • Umberto Tachinardi, MD, MS, FACMI, IAHSI, CIO at Regenstrief Institute
    • Anthony P. Morreale, Pharm.D. MBA, BCPS, FASHP, Associate Chief Consultant for Clinical Pharmacy Services and Policy at US Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Todd Crosslin, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Snowflake
    •  Behnaz Sarrami, MS, PharmD, Medical Science Liaison at AltheaDx and Director of Consulting at Missouri Pharmacogenomics Consulting, LLC
    • Kandace Schuft, PharmD, Senior Clinical Content Specialist – Pharmacogenomics at Wolters Kluwer
    •  Kristine Ashcraft, Medical Director for Pharmacogenomics at Invitae
    • Matthew Katz, Principal of MCK Health Strategies, LLC.
    •  Brian D. Patty, MD, CHCIO, CMIO at Medix Technology
    • And more! 

4. Virtual, Free, Live and Available on Demand

Thanks to leader sponsor, Quest Diagnostics and influencer sponsors AWS and Snowflake, as well as gracious speakers who have donated their time, the Precision Health Virtual Summit is provided at no charge. The Summit content will also be available on demand after the event if you are unable to attend one or all of the sessions live. 

    • Fits your busy schedule
    • No cost
    • No travel necessary
    • No COVID Delta Variant concerns
    • No pants, bra or shower required
    • No reason not to register! 

Visit to register today! 

5. Most importantly, it’s time to end trial and error and one size fits all treatment

According to the American College of Physicians, 30% of healthcare dollars are wasted on:

    • Unnecessary services
    • Inefficient delivery
    • Low-value/high-cost drugs
    • Missed prevention/therapy

Trial-and-error and one-size-fits all prescribing results in more than 2 million adverse drug reactions (ADRs) a year and 15.4% of hospital admissions attributed to drug-related problems; in addition 26% of readmissions are drug-related and preventable.

“U.S. healthcare is currently on an unsustainable course, but it doesn’t have to stay that way,” wrote Mr. Bostic in Medium. “To change current dynamics, stakeholders must embrace and adopt precision medicine practices that personalize therapies and care to individuals. The challenges that have impeded mainstream use of these models are quickly dissolving, and the time is now for impactful change.”

Register for Precision Health Summit 2021 today and join hc1, Beckers Healthcare and sponsors Quest Diagnostics, AWS and Snowflake for this important virtual event.

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