By Lauren VanDenBoom

December 3, 2019

Of course, we think hc1’s High-Value Care Platform™, which delivers precision testing and prescribing supported by bioinformatics and secured in a HIPAA-compliant AWS infrastructure, is worth watching in 2020. Here are some other health tech innovations and innovators we think you should be keeping an eye on too.

Wearable Medical Devices are being used for more than just counting steps and measuring heart rate. Proteus Digital Health has combined ingestible sensors, a wearable sensor patch, and a mobile app to measure medication treatment effectiveness, patient activity, and rest. Neurotech’s remote, real-time EEG monitoring is being used to detect electrographic seizures and even baseline changes that may not be physically noticeable.

3D bioprinting is allowing companies to create printed parts for medical transplantation and implantation. Cyfuse Biomedical is working on a bioprinter called Regenova that can print biological components, such as digestive and urinary organs cartilage, blood vessels, tubular tissues, and even functional liver. For researchers, pharmaceutical companies and others who want to put a bioprinter in their own lab,  BioBots has created a desktop bioprinter that utilizes specially formatted bio-inks. By putting this technology in more hands, innovation in uses for bioprinting will come even faster.

Blockchain is not just for cryptocurrency anymore. The decentralized data storage model is being used to keep medical data secure and transferrable while also reducing costs. SimplyVital Health is making its open-source Nexus Health platform available to the entire healthcare community to store and retrieve information. The company has also recently partnered with a genomics and precision medicine company to apply blockchain security to protect DNA sequencing data. British company, Medicalchain is helping to maintain the integrity of health records, while also establishing a single point of truth. The company is putting patients’ records in their own hands to allow and revoke access. Colorado startup, BurstIQ is using blockchain to securely manage huge amounts of complete and up-to-date patient health data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also making its way into healthcare by way of intelligent machines for risk analytics, medical imaging, diagnosis, and drug discovery, as well as workflow and patient management. Some of the biggest names in technology are behind AI healthcare innovations, such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and Google parent, Alphabet.

Genomics is also changing the way healthcare is delivered by making more personalized medicine possible. Genomic Health is using computational biology and genetic diagnostics to inform breast, prostate, colon, and lung cancer management and treatment decisions. Bluebird Bio is using gene therapy to detect, cure, and treat diseases. They are currently researching treatment for sickle cell disease, B-thalassemia, and multiple myeloma, as well as ways to help a patient’s own immune system destroy cancer cells. hc1 PGx Advisor™ is facilitating prescriber and pharmacist engagement in personalized medicine by combining conventional Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Pharmacogenomics (PGx), and integrated engagement and monitoring workflows specific to the individual patient. The unique approach ensures the right patient gets the right prescription based on their unique genetic traits.



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