By Lauren VanDenBoom

October 22, 2019

On October 17, during the Day of Innovation at Butler University, hc1 Test Utilization™ received an Indiana Innovation Award. The award, presented by Centric®, recognizes individuals and organizations successfully leading the innovation charge in Indiana. To be eligible, the innovation must have been introduced within the last three years and be based in Indiana.

The judging committee considers four criteria:

  • Did the product/service meet an unmet need?
  • How unique is the product/service? Is this the first of its kind? If not, how is it different or better than existing products/services?
  • What new value has been created for the end-user?
  • What financial evidence or market acceptance information does the product/service have to support it? What is its quantifiable evidence of success?

Since its launch in 2017, hc1 Test Utilization™ has impacted millions of patient lives by transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights. Across thousands of locations, customers are using Test Utilization to monitor ordering trends and gain insights into where testing can be optimized, ensuring patients get the right test at the right time.

“hc1 is proud to accept this Indiana Innovation Award,” said Brad Bostic, chairman and CEO of hc1. “Every year, an estimated $200 billion is wasted on excessive lab testing and associated treatments, resulting in added costs and risk to patients. With hc1 Test Utilization we set out to change that dynamic.”

A comprehensive solution, Test Utilization includes both strategic guidance and cloud-based technology. With it, healthcare teams have a dashboard of real-time lab data from in-hospital, outpatient and reference labs. By taking the guesswork out of launching an effective utilization program and proactively uncovering where unnecessary tests are being ordered, a health system can effectively monitor, take action and educate its physicians – all while creating a high-value, lean organization.

Test Utilization is part of hc1 High-Value Care Platform™, which eliminates waste and personalizes care for health systems and diagnostic laboratories nationwide by turning previously static lab data into actionable healthcare insights. At read more about or request a demo of hc1 Test Utilization and other hc1 products that help health systems improve clinical outcomes and reduce medical spending.

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