By Lauren VanDenBoom

April 21, 2021

On behalf of all of hc1 I’d like to wish our partners in the laboratory a very happy Lab Week! That 70% of today’s medical decisions depend on results from the more than 14 billion laboratory tests ordered each year evidences the critical role clinical laboratories play in delivering care. Your contributions to patient care are recognized and appreciated by our team. 

Lab Week is a great opportunity to increase public understanding of and appreciation for clinical laboratory personnel. This week is also a great time for internal team building, reflection and future planning for labs. How will your lab grow this year? How will you deliver the value your customers expect? How will you improve your processes?    

Over the past 10 years, hc1 has developed strong relationships with many of the nation’s top labs. Through these partnerships we’ve learned how important it is for our partners to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. Without access to critical data and communications they realized it would be a continuous struggle to reach their full potential and revenue goals. 

Some examples

Like many laboratories, Sonora Quest Laboratories (SQL), a joint venture between Banner Health and Quest Diagnostics, struggled with endless silos of data and information. SQL ingested multiple data sources into the hc1 Platform to automatically create detailed, real-time dashboards that indicate up-to-the moment trends and performance against key metrics.SQL now has a real-time, 360-degree view of data and metrics across departments, effectively dissolving data silos and providing users with the information necessary to provide a 5-star experience to patients and clients alike.The overall visibility SQL achieved has reduced the labor necessary to pull their daily performance report from 5 hours a day to just 45 minutes a day, increasing overall employee efficiency by 85%. 

Incyte Diagnostics was running multiple systems to manage their sales process and payor information. Using email and spreadsheets resulted in tedious workflows and disorganized information tracking. Adopting a solution from hc1, Incyte was able to exceed their sales growth goal, retain current business, reduce the overall workload of the Client Services team by 6.25% and gained 32 additional days worth of field time for sales reps. 

Four different IT systems housing static data were used to track and manage patient interactions at North Memorial Health. Unfortunately, these systems created vast data silos that left multiple departments unable to identify the root cause of repeating issues without real-time insight into situations in which more recent data would offer actionable insight. After replacing data silos with the hc1 Platform to deliver real-time business intelligence and a framework for staff to immediately drive change based on findings and trends, North Memorial is able to ensure they are delivering the right test to the right patient at the right time. They are also able to instantly assess overall utilization and test reimbursement patterns and benchmarks via up-to-the moment dashboards. By using hc1 as a central place for North Memorial staff to interact, feedback is then instantly delivered to physicians regarding ordering practices.

We’ve helped many other labs over the years unlock the untapped potential in their data to build better processes, save time, meet sales goals and improve customer satisfaction. Prior to joining hc1, I spent 12 years working for labs that, quite frankly, would probably still be around today and thriving had they invested in consolidated, real-time insights to drive growth, personalize provider interactions and improve cross-departmental communication.

Growth is more than just managing customer relationships

One thing hc1 has learned over the past 10 years is that while, yes, labs need a customer relationship management system (CRM) designed specifically for healthcare, what they need more is an operations management solution. They face account and contact information scattered across multiple systems. The insights into orders and issues are difficult and time consuming to obtain. Reports take too long to generate or don’t have the information you need. Responsiveness for sales, service, and operations teams’ is slowed. This leads to missed opportunities, ineffective communication, and wasted resources.

An operations management solution connects the lab to customer service, sales and customers with real-time insights. The hc1 Healthcare CRM® does all of these things. Therefore, we’re choosing this Lab Week to recognize everything the solution delivers to our lab customers with a new name that reflects all of its capabilities. 

Now known as hc1 Operations Management™, the solution delivers customer satisfaction and lab efficiency with relationship management designed for labs, integrated with your healthcare data sources and customized to fit your workflow. Operations Management sits on the hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ where your lab’s data can be organized and normalized in a single solution that enables quick access to the insights you need to manage your lab and customer relationships. hc1 CRM customers won’t see a change. They will continue to quickly see what’s on track and what needs to improve through dashboards designed for healthcare needs and backed by real-time data analysis. They will still be able to enable employees to focus on adding clients and resolving issues by easily customizing and automating the solution. Clients will also continue to alert and inform employees and customers through email, text, and secure messaging that connects them to a centralized site.

If you are just looking to remove some manual reporting processes to unlock the analytics you need, then hc1 Analytics™ (formerly called Lab Operational Analytics®) may be all you need for now. Our High Value Care Directors can help you apply our 10 years of experience in solutions for lab operations management to find the right fit to meet your growth goals. They’d love to talk to you – just Request a Demo or Contact Us

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