By Mackin Bannon

December 15, 2023

hc1 offers a wide range of technology solutions that help labs of all shapes and sizes better leverage their data and improve operations. However, we recognize that each laboratory we serve has unique problems to solve and different ways to solve them.

hc1 prides itself on empowering clients to take a hands-on approach to customizing their solutions to fit their needs. Here are some of the ways that hc1 accomplishes that.

Personalized activation process

When a client purchases an hc1 solution they are partnered with an activation team dedicated to their organization. This group works alongside the client each step of the way to create a customized project plan that addresses the organization’s strategic objectives.

This plan can include simple items like customizing field and column labels or dashboard filters to more complex work like custom workflows and reports. Whatever the need, hc1 is dedicated to ensuring each client we bring on board is equipped with solutions that work for their organization and solve for their unique needs.

Continued enhancement through hc1 Service Select

Once a client is up and running, hc1 Service Select™ provides ongoing access to hc1 technical resources. Each new hc1 client receives a monthly allotment of hours as part of their agreement that can be used to expand or enhance their hc1 solutions at no additional charge. While other vendors typically charge an arm and a leg for custom work, Service Select offers clients hc1 experts on retainer to help maximize the value of their investment in hc1.

Clients have utilized Service Select to build custom workflows and rules, refine their analytics, create new reports and more. Clients with larger scale or more frequent projects can purchase additional Service Select hours if needed. Or, they can choose from hc1’s self-serve options.

Self-serve custom reporting with hc1 Data Toolkit

hc1 Data Toolkit™ enables organizations with staff experienced in data analytics to create and customize their own reporting and make changes as needed. This includes the ability to create custom data tables, design custom reports and data visualizations and report on hc1 data in third-party systems.

While other lab software vendors may offer self-serve tools, they’re often complex and require significant training. Our solution is easy to use and does not require expert programming knowledge. This empowers labs to self-serve if they wish rather than having to go through hc1 or other internal departments.

Take control of your lab operations with hc1

Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover how our advanced analytics platform can help you leverage your data to drive results. 

Request a demo today and see for yourself how hc1 can empower your team to optimize operations, engage with providers, and make informed testing and treatment decisions.


Mackin Bannon is the product marketing manager for hc1. Before joining hc1 in 2022, Mackin held a variety of roles in marketing before settling on product marketing as a career focus. During the workday, he enjoys bringing stories to life in clear and creative ways. In his free time, he enjoys following his favorite sports teams, collecting vinyl records and exploring Indianapolis.

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