By Lauren VanDenBoom

June 5, 2020

Eric Bricker, MD, Chief Medical Officer at AHealthcareZ, recently featured the CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard powered by hc1 in one of his daily whiteboard videos. An internal medicine physician and chief medical officer of compass professional health services, Dr. Bricker explained the dashboard’s key value as a local resource for identifying local COVID-19 risk. 

Referring to the COVID-19 positivity rate he said, “just because it’s 6.5% average across America, doesn’t mean it’s 6.5% where you are. This is where the data’s fantastic, because it’s highly granular and you can drill it down by county and then you can see the specific number of total tests and positive tests or the positive testing rate by day, by county, across America.” 

After comparing positivity rates for key metropolitan areas in Texas, Illinois, and New York he explained that “the positive test rates vary dramatically nationally and locally. It’s kind of like the weather. It varies a lot. Knowing the average temperature in America is not helpful. You want to know what it is where you are.”

The CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard is a free resource for public health, public policy, healthcare, and laboratory decision-makers who need hyper-local insights into COVID-19 testing rates, positivity rates, and risk of increasing viral activity. It provides local lab testing insights that include state, county, and sub-county views of Local Risk Index, COVID-19 testing rates, de-identified test results (detected, not detected, or inconclusive), and key demographic filters for those tested (age, gender). Click here to view a demo.


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