Instantly identify specific providers that can benefit from your test offerings!

hc1 ProviderView™ enables healthcare sales teams to identify ideal providers to target for sales and marketing efforts and import them directly into hc1 Operations Management™ with just a click.

How can our sales reps make the right connections without having to spend all their time searching for contacts?
Where can we find better data on providers and organizations, such as medical claims and prescribing activity?
How can we spend less time manually importing contacts into our relationship management platform?

Find the Right Leads for Your Tests in Seconds

See how you can instantly locate provider leads that could benefit the most from your available lab test. Filter your search to reveal the most prolific prescribing providers. Export with ease and be on your way to connecting your lab to the right tests for the right patients. 

Turn Curated Data into Targeted Outreach and Growth

hc1 ProviderView™ gives you access to nearly 6 million curated provider records including detailed analysis of medical claims and prescribing activity. Seamlessly connected to hc1 Operations Management™, with ProviderView your lab can immediately take action to drive profitable growth.

Find the right providers quickly

With the Provider Breakdown feature, you can access robust, nationwide provider information, which can be filtered by a variety of demographic and geographic filters.

Seamlessly integrate targeting data into your workflow

Selected leads from ProviderView can be quickly synced into hc1 Operations Management™, allowing your sales team to quickly take action on pipeline and revenue growth.

Gain insight into ordering patterns

Identify the providers that need your tests

See which specialties have the largest Medicare payouts and which procedure codes are used most frequently to help identify the most frequently ordered or needed tests, ensuring that you can support providers and systems with revenue-generating tests.

Utilize public Rx claims for advanced targeting

See which drugs in the Medicare prescriber D program have the most prescriptions, greatest cost and most prolific prescribers, enabling sales reps to target the provider with the most likely testing needs based on their patterns.

Ready see how hc1 ProviderView™ can help your lab grow?

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