The Pain

Unchecked overutilization of testing can reduce quality of care and increase costs for the lab, especially as supplies and staff are in short supply. However, labs typically lack an easy way to gain insight into providers’ ordering behavior, drive change and track improvement. Additionally, when testing best practices change based on new or improved tests available in the market, labs don’t have a way to ensure providers are ordering the new tests.

Our Solution

hc1 Order Oversight™ helps surface provider ordering patterns and offers the ability to filter by specialty for more targeted analysis. With this solution, you can look for specific types of overutilization, such as duplicate testing, orders outside of established guidelines and combinations of tests that may not align with a patient’s clinical presentation. It maintains historical data over time to help leadership monitor whether provider habits are changing and identify performance improvement projects.

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hc1 Order Oversight™ is an add-on solution to hc1 Analytics and is now included in hc1 PrecisionDx Advisor™  

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hc1 Order Oversight™ helps health system and lab leaders improve quality of care and reduce costs by identifying opportunities to align provider ordering habits with testing best practices.

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In this educational, on-demand webinar hc1 experts will show you how to gain real-time insight into ordering practices that do not follow established guidelines, such as duplicate testing and ordering combinations of tests that may not align with a patient's clinical presentation.

Also, get a closer look at hc1 Order Oversight™, the newest add-on for hc1 Analytics™

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