The Pain

For many labs, outreach communications are a manual and time-consuming activity. Sales and Marketing Teams are often left using several disconnected platforms that lack metrics or data to show the success of their campaigns. It is a struggle to convert sales leads to prospects, as their systems make it challenging to group contacts, track stages and provide tailored professional communications. Additionally, Services and Operations teams have difficulty sharing essential messages and maintaining transparency between lab operations and their provider and patient populations.

Our Solution

A single platform that enables all lab teams to efficiently create tailored messaging and track the performance of their communications. The platform should allow users to create tailored campaigns based on specific groups of contacts, as well as automatically move sales and marketing leads through pre-configured campaign stages. It should include professional email templates, as well as the ability to create custom templates and messages. And lastly, the platform should come with robust analytics to track engagement and performance for individual messages and campaigns.
Our solution is—hc1 Campaign Management™.

Customize Your Lab Outreach Messaging

hc1 Campaign Management™ makes outreach communications easier and more effective for labs by automating processes, enabling customization and providing real-time analytics – all within the hc1 Platform®.

Communicating with your target audience just got easier

With Campaign Management, you can enable your marketing, service and sales teams to execute meaningful and effective outreach.

Utilize readily available templates and customize them to let patients know about new locations, changes in hours or specific health notices such as blood drives or flu shots. Contact specialty providers to inform them of specific tests you offer. Connect with sales and contacts after trade shows or meetings. 

You can also easily create your own custom templates and messages.

• Communicate from hc1 Platform®

• Execute targeted campaigns

• Automate message delivery

• Easily tailor messaging

• Track engagement success

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