Effectively monitoring blood utilization is difficult

Most labs struggle to obtain accurate and complete information on blood utilization, as the data needed to perform meaningful analysis isn’t available in any single system.

Labs end up pulling data from multiple systems and trying to retroactively connect the dots in Excel, an inefficient and ineffective process when resources are already stretched thin.

hc1 Blood Utilization™ provides hospital labs robust analytics to effectively and efficiently monitor whether blood products are being ordered and utilized appropriately. 

How do I get a complete picture of my organization's blood usage?
Is there a more automated way to access data from the EMR, LIS and BBLIS?
How do I pinpoint which providers or locations are giving inappropriate transfusions?
How do I track progress of interventions over time?

Save thousands on wasteful blood ordering

Blood transfusions are costly – the average price for a single unit of red blood cells is over $200, and indirect expenses like transport and overhead can raise that cost to over $1000.

Combine that with the fact that approximately 40-50% of blood transfusions are unnecessary, and it is a top priority for health system and hospital labs to know whether blood products are being ordered and utilized appropriately.

hc1 Blood Utilization consolidates blood data into a single system to give hospital labs a comprehensive view of key blood usage metrics, enabling lab leaders to take targeted action and track progress over time.

hc1 Lab Insights Platform is built on a secure cloud platform

Automate your blood utilization reporting

Comprehensive, intuitive, cloud-based analytics offer immediate insight into your blood utilization without any manual effort.

See all your blood usage data in one system

Connections to your LIS and blood bank LIS ensure you have complete and accurate data across your organization, updated daily.

Pinpoint specific areas for improvement

Identify providers, specialties or locations with high levels of inappropriate transfusions so you can target interventions.

Gain insight into ordering patterns

Track progress of interventions over time

Detailed trending reports and robust filter options enable you to effectively and efficiently monitor progress month over month.

Comprehensive analytics for hospital labs to optimize blood usage

Cloud-based, near-real-time analytics automate the reporting process, giving labs immediate insight into blood usage metrics without any manual effort. Trending reports with provider, specialty and location data provide the information needed to take targeted action toward reducing wasteful ordering behaviors and monitor progress over time.

Are you ready to improve blood utilization at your hospital?

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