How to plan, implement, and grow successful utilization programs to drive cost savings, profitability, and better patient care.

Today's healthcare teams are working to deliver quality patient outcomes without increasing costs. Unfortunately, more than $340 billion is spent yearly on low-value and inefficient healthcare services.

Download this complimentary how-to guide to learn:

  • How to recognize the current state of blood and test utilization processes in your health system.
  • How to garner internal support from the top-down for a new organization-wide utilization program.
  • How to leverage governance programs and technology solutions to help drive programs forward.
  • How to set obtainable utilization goals and measure the effectiveness of new guidelines.
  • Best practices for educating ordering physicians and developing an enterprise-wide infrastructure of safe, patient-focused care.
  • How one leading health system successfully established a Utilization Governance Committee to lower care costs without sacrificing patient outcomes.