Quest Lab Stewardship Webinar

Quest Diagnostics, in collaboration with hc1, share lab stewardship strategies with hospitals and health systems including:

•  The 4 basic elements of an effective Laboratory Stewardship program

•  Key criteria when building a Laboratory Stewardship Committee

•  3 ways lab stewardship solutions improve patient care and outcomes

•  How to identify low impact versus high impact interventions

About the Speakers:

Donna Cooper, MS MBA, Sr. Director, Health Systems Product Solutions, Quest Diagnostics

Prior to Quest, Donna worked at Cleveland Clinic as the Manager of Laboratory Client Services and Lab Stewardship, where she led an initiative to centralize and standardize the procedure for notifying caregivers of critical and urgent laboratory result values.

Donna also worked at ARUP laboratories as the Marketing Analytics Manager, overseeing the delivery of the Analyzing Tes Ordering Patters (ATOP) report.

James Haarbauer, MS, Sr. Business Intelligence Consultant, hc1

James specializes in improving healthcare by turning powerful data into actionable insights, empowering clients to make the most of their data solutions. He has spend the past decade in healthcare reporting, leveraging insights that have saved healthcare organizations millions of dollars over his career.