Precision healthcare and data: 3 Qs with Todd Crosslin

Recently Snowflake's, Global head of healthcare and Life Sciences, Todd Crosslin spoke with Becker’s Hospital Review regarding how data plays a key role in delivering precision healthcare.

“Two extremely valuable, but challenging, data components in precision healthcare are DNA, and Real World Data/Evidence. Being able to join these, at scale, generates precision insight. Imagine a virtual, de-centralized clinical trial in which the Pharmaceutical Sponsor, CRO, healthcare provider(s), and FDA were able to collaborate, in real-time on a single copy of a combined dataset that includes the participants’ diagnostics, longitudinal Rx data, claims data and EMR history, VCF (genomic variant call format), and DICOM data/images. This is possible today through advanced cloud data platform methods whereby the patient and healthcare provider generate/access PHI, while all others would see an anonymized view,” said Todd Crosslin.