HITRUST Certification Summary

As a HIPAA-regulated company, hc1 must protect the highly sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) that our healthcare customers store in the overarching hc1 Platform®. Therefore, security must be a priority in every system and service we deliver and in all business processes we follow. To that end, hc1 sought to obtain HITRUST® certification for the following platform, location, and supporting infrastructure of the hc1 organization: hc1 Platform® hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the hc1 corporate headquarters in Indianapolis.

hc1.com Inc., the hc1 Platform, and the corporate headquarters located in Indianapolis, IN meet the HITRUST CSF® v9.3 Risk-based, 2-year (r2) certification criteria, receiving a final certification letter effective December 16, 2021. The (r2) validated assessment certification is a tailored assessment for the highest level of assurance that an organization may earn from HITRUST.