Rx Optimization

Drug reactions and prescription-based substance abuse together cost U.S. healthcare providers hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Toxicology labs, government agencies, and pain management clinics can now deliver customized, data-backed prescription management plans that eliminate waste and improve health outcomes for high-risk individuals.

Optimize individual treatment plans to ensure patients are taking the medication best suited to the genetic makeup of their bodies.

Combine leading drug monitoring solutions including Medication Therapy Management, PharmacoGenomics, and integrated patient engagement into a single, holistic workflow.

Reduce high-risk health situations with the help of a pre-built network of DNA laboratory partners and clinical caseworkers.

Develop custom risk stratification reports showing the members of your patient population who are likely to be on the wrong drug—and the cost associated with these mistakes.

Integrate live PDMP data with real-time diagnostic test results for a complete picture of a patient’s use of controlled substances and overdose risk.

High-Value Care

Identify where low-value care services such as over-ordering, high-cost testing, unnecessary transfusions, or reactive manual processes are occurring and then take proactive steps to eliminate these wasteful workflows.


Visualize and track utilization metrics to understand exactly how your team is managing test and blood utilization processes.

Take action on new utilization rules to help guide ordering physicians to make more focused, high-value decisions.

Monitor program success in real-time with all critical details, such as C/T ratios and test volume, in a single dashboard.

Educate ordering physicians to drive positive change and develop an infrastructure of safe, patient-focused care.

Pinpoint where your team is losing revenue from high-cost test ordering, unnecessary transfusions, or other low-value care orders.

Increase patient sentiment and satisfaction by decreasing unnecessary office visits, repetitive draws, and other wasteful interactions.

Predictive Health

With the powerful AI and machine learning capabilities of hc1 Predictive Health solutions, healthcare leaders can easily assemble all relevant clinical and demographic data points, create real-time predictions of individual patient outcomes, and take immediate action to mitigate chronic risk and alleviate skyrocketing care costs.

Break down opioid abuse by demographic, region, and even behavioral context to make more informed decisions in the proactive fight against opioid and other drug abuse.

Take action beyond passive analysis on high-risk chronic conditions to drive large-scale, positive change in healthcare outcomes.

Leverage predictive analysis and AI to strategically target patients at-risk for chronic conditions, including diabetes, sepsis, cardiac arrest, and high cholesterol.

Utilize the proprietary hc1 data lake and Health Matrix which combines over 5.1 billion clinical transactions and real-time diagnostic data, to immediately uncover at-risk patients.

Leverage machine learning insight to trigger specific workflows and assign tasks for key stakeholders and clinical personnel to take action.

Intervene earlier and with greater efficiency to help prevent at-risk patients from becoming involved in high-cost care situations.

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