Make better decisions and work faster leveraging integrated data from any system

From EMRs to billing software to fitness trackers, hc1 seamlessly combines business and clinical data into actionable profiles, real-time dashboards, and up-to-the-moment trends. Rather than working from multiple systems, gain back valuable time and resources by instantly viewing relevant clinical and business data from a single source.


EMR Integrations

EMRs are the go-to source of a patient’s clinical and demographic data. Integrate your EMR with hc1 to seamlessly visualize this clinical information alongside lab test results, billing information, and physician notes. Stakeholders across the continuum can collaborate on individual patient records for a truly holistic, value-based care experience.

Lab Information System Integrations

Integrating a Laboratory Information System (LIS) with hc1 unlocks the traditional lab data housed in testing instruments, lab orders, and corresponding results to create actionable insight. Lab leaders can increase productivity, efficiency, and quality with LIS data alongside holistic patient and provider profiles. Real-time dashboards and reports in hc1 help labs identify important trends and issues based on LIS data.

Healthcare Billing Software Integration

Clinical and demographic data only make up a small slice of a patient profile. With Healthcare Billing Software integrations, hc1 users can identify high-value tests, uncover reimbursement insight, and even conduct payor comparisons. Healthcare leaders can leverage this data alongside EMR or LIS data, directly from hc1, to automatically create a holistic picture of all healthcare relationships.

Other Software Integrations