The Pain

Siloed data, endless IT systems, fragmented departments, and cumbersome processes stand in the way of healthcare experiences personalized to the individual patient—and are not  financially sustainable for the organization.

Our Solution

The hc1 Precision Health Cloud™ connects patient health data sources from various silos in health IT to uncover actionable signals across patient populations and cohorts that inform individual patient care decisions.

Unparalleled Scale and Expertise

By creating Precision Health Insight Networks (PHINs) to organize volumes of live data, including lab results, genomics and medications, hc1 is able to deliver easily adoptable, scalable solutions on two robust platforms that ensure that the right patient gets the right test and the right prescription at the right time and enabling clients to better serve clinicians and patients.  


Clinical Transactions Integrated


Unique Patient Profiles


Diagnostic Test Results per Month

How hc1 Transforms Lab Data into Personalized Healthcare Insights®

To deliver real-time bioinformatics to power precision testing and prescribing, hc1 uses layers of advanced technology. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the hc1 Precision Health Cloud™  integrates, normalizes, and enhances siloed data from multiple sources. Our database then organizes that data into account, provider, and patient profiles that streamline complex healthcare relationships. Our analytics reveal insights, so your team can set strategy, measure progress, and take other actions to achieve care goals.


hc1 Connect® is where the mapping happens. Our proprietary integration engine ingests and organizes HL7 messages and other data from all of your healthcare systems. Our data refinery uses machine learning to normalize and enrich data, ensuring you get the maximum value out of this important resource.

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Purpose-built for the needs of laboratories and health systems, the hc1 Precision Health Cloud is designed to handle the complex connections among a large variety and volume of healthcare records, from lab orders and provider portal forms to panel and test compendiums. The results are data-rich records that provide a complete picture of the healthcare sites, providers, and patients your organization interacts with.

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How long are service representatives taking to resolve issues? Which accounts are ordering fewer tests? Which providers are ordering tests that don’t meet clinical guidelines? Are current patient prescriptions consistent with their drug test results and pharmacogenomic screenings? Have the answers you need right now to make decisions and set strategy to improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes.

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Respond to data-driven insights right away by opening cases, setting tasks, and building opportunities, keeping sales, service, and operations departments in the loop. Drive consistent business processes and accountability systemwide through automated rules. Alert employees to time-sensitive issues as they occur through real-time reporting and email and text notifications.

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The hc1 Precision Health Cloud is built on Amazon Web Services

In 2016, hc1 achieved AWS Partner Network Healthcare Competency status, one of the first within the AWS partner ecosystem to achieve this level of recognition. As an AWS Partner, hc1 provides the highest level of architecture quality, scalability, and reliability to manage enterprise workloads. By leveraging AWS services through hc1, laboratories and health systems gain a cloud platform optimized for performance, scalability, and security—essential elements to a successful value-based care delivery model.

What hc1 brings for Healthcare IT

With the hc1 Precision Health Cloud, running on AWS, healthcare organizations can power outreach, service, operations, and care delivery teams through data relationship profiles and workflow automation. hc1 enables providers to:

Streamline data unification across silos

Free up organizational resources to focus on other IT functions

Deliver best-in-class availability for critical business systems

Scale new solutions without capital expenditures

Efficiently respond to market and regulatory trends that drive healthcare IT projects

Scale enterprise IT initiatives without sacrificing security or HIPAA compliance

Are you ready to improve lives with Precision Health?

<p><span style="font-weight: 300;">Right Patient. Right Test. Right Prescription.&reg; Right Time.&nbsp; It all begins by transforming lab data into personalized healthcare insights&reg;. Start your journey with hc1 today.</span></p>

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