How can labs improve operations, sales and customer retention?

For your lab to succeed, it is essential to establish strategic and operational structures to optimize lab operations, grow sales and ultimately retain customers. These structures will serve as the backbone of your lab, providing the necessary support and foundation for the highest operational success. Without them, your lab may struggle to meet benchmarks and fail to reach its full potential. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize establishing these structures to ensure your lab succeeds and thrives.

Actionable insights are the key to success

Today, it's vital for laboratories to compete effectively in a value-based, patient-centric environment while keeping costs in check. Many organizations are turning to lab insights platforms and operations management solutions to achieve success in this changing landscape. By adopting these powerful tools, labs can operate more efficiently and even replace their existing CRM systems to grow their business better.

Check out this hc1 Lab Insights video to learn more about hc1 Lab Insights platform™, the foundation of  hc1 Operations Management™ and hc1 Performance Analytics™.

Why a lab-specific solution is the best solution for your lab

To effectively manage lab operations, lab leaders often need to consolidate and make sense of data that is scattered across various systems and spreadsheets. To achieve this, they require a solution that can integrate, analyze, and visualize their operational metrics while also facilitating seamless connections between their operations, sales, service and customers.

Read this guide on choosing an operations management solution to learn more about choosing a lab-specific solution.

Lab manager reading how to choose a lab-specific solution

Integrate your healthcare data sources with hc1 Operations Management™

Operations Management helps labs streamline internal processes, better manage customer relationships and uncover actionable insights in their data. Operations Management was explicitly built for labs. LIS integration is a standard part of hc1 Operations Management and it works harmoniously with a lab’s healthcare data sources, bringing sales, service and operations workflows onto a single, HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified platform

Additionally, integrating various data sources such as provider, patient, location, specimen, and others makes it possible to improve relationships, reduce the time taken to resolve issues and provide valuable insights to lab management. This data can help lab leaders make informed decisions that impact their bottom line positively. 

Watch this video: Quickly Resolve Laboratory Operations Issues with hc1 Operations Management™ 

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CRM on the go!

hc1 Operations Management is also mobile! Staying in one spot isn’t an option for sales, so we created our hc1 CRM app to put sales features conveniently at the fingertips of lab sales reps. hc1 Operations Management comes with the hc1 CRM app, enabling sales reps and other hc1 users to access all their organization's hc1 data in a streamlined interface designed specifically for mobile use.

Sales reps can locate contact information and initiate a call or email with just a screen tap, quickly review client activities before walking in the door, update opportunities on the go and easily map the location for their next visit.

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Find providers that would benefit the most from your lab services

Enable your healthcare sales teams to identify ideal providers to target for sales and marketing efforts and import them directly into hc1 Operations Management with one-click ease. 

Access nearly 6 million curated provider records, including detailed analysis of medical claims and prescribing activity with hc1 ProviderView™ and drive profitable growth for your lab.

ProviderView is an add-on solution that works seamlessly with hc1 Operations Management

Read this blog article, Empowering lab growth with ProviderView, to learn more about hc1 ProviderView.

Lab sales rep accessing 6 million providers

Eliminate manual and inefficient workflows that cost time and risk patient care

When critical and urgent test results are needed, speed, organization and efficiency are essential. Ensuring critical and urgent results are identified and the right staff has the right information is vital.

Failure to notify providers promptly can lead to diagnostic errors, missed treatment and liability claims. Collaboration across teams and departments is the key for labs to avoid these pitfalls. 

Time-sensitive workflows are made easy with  hc1 Rapid Response Queue™ where critical and urgent test results generate automated workflow cases, including embedded rapid-response countdown timers. This allows labs to quickly assign and track these essential calls to completion in real-time.

Watch this hc1 Rapid Response Queue video to see how Rapid Response Queue can help your lab.

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Effective communication and outreach are essential to a lab’s success

For many labs, outreach communications are a manual and time-consuming activity. From disconnected platforms that lack metrics or data to show campaign performance to difficulty converting sales leads to prospects to a lack of transparency between lab operations and provider and patient populations. Labs are in need of a single platform that enables all teams to create tailored messaging efficiently and track the performance of their communications.

Within the hc1 Platform®, outreach and communications are now more accessible and more effective for labs with automated processes, enabling customization and providing real-time analytics. Using hc1 Campaign Management™, labs can engage with their clients, providers, and patient population in targeted ways to increase customer satisfaction, retention and revenue. 

Campaign Management’s user-friendly templates allow for easily tailored email or SMS messaging and link them to specific campaigns. 

Request a demo of hc1 Campaign Management to learn more and see how it integrates with hc1 Operations Management to elevate your lab communications and outreach.

lab staff using hc1 campaign management to create targeted outreach messaging

Labs trust hc1

For over a decade, hc1 has been helping labs leverage their data insights to optimize operations,  engage with providers and inform testing and treatment decisions.

hc1 solutions empower thousands of laboratory locations to optimize operations and inform testing and treatment decisions for millions of patients. The hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ organizes diagnostic data for over 200 million patients and processes more than 30 billion clinical transactions and 500 million test results per month.

Tired of struggling to overcome your largest lab challenges? Let us show you how to leverage your data easily and effectively and eliminate those roadblocks. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making and take your business to the next level today.

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