Data is one of the most valuable assets the laboratory has at its disposal

It’s timely and inexpensive and can paint an objective picture of a patient’s health that is inaccessible from any other data source. 

Labs are uniquely positioned to provide extraordinary guidance within the care team by tapping into their data’s vast potential. Still, most struggle to extract the insights and risk signals it contains.

Lab analytics defined

Lab testing collects significant data sets that can be analyzed to establish insights and uncover cost savings opportunities, guiding internal and organization-wide business decisions and ultimately contributing to patient care.

Laboratory analytics refers to the use of collected data by labs to make informed decisions to improve their workflow and enhance patient care. Lab results are crucial in driving physician diagnostic and therapeutic decisions to treat patients effectively. 

Healthcare organizations are increasingly interested in leveraging their lab data to achieve operational goals. Accessing and quickly analyzing the data can be difficult due to its complexity and storage in disconnected systems.

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Lab data is most valuable asset labs have.

Unlocking lab data’s full potential

Clinical lab data plays a vital role in achieving optimal health outcomes. For instance, the results of presurgical or pre-procedural tests can determine whether a patient is suitable for specific treatments. Healthcare teams also use lab data to monitor the effectiveness of ongoing treatments and therapies for chronic conditions. 

Sifting through spreadsheets and reports with stale, static data to look for trends and report on KPIs is a frustrating and time-consuming process for lab professionals. Connecting disparate lab data sources enables labs to uncover meaningful insights, identify risk signals and deliver proactive service.

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Clinical lab data plays a vital role in optimal health outcomes.

Performance Analytics

Dashboards and reports within hc1 Performance Analytics™ are designed specifically for the lab and provide an actionable view of the most essential volume, turnaround time and spending metrics and empower the lab to drive superior performance and quality care.

Performance Analytics enables labs to

  • Eliminate inefficient data collection and analysis
  • See the most important metrics in real-time
  • Uncover actionable insights and risk signals in their data
  • Track and analyze their lab spend

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Dashboards and reports are designed specifically for the lab.

Key analytic insights: Improve lab performance, reduce cost and optimize care

Test Utilization

With rising healthcare costs and the need to address significant staff and supply shortages, laboratories within health systems require a straightforward approach to minimize and eliminate unnecessary, outdated, expensive, and low-value test orders. Solutions such as hc1 Test Utilization™ empower labs to reduce waste and better utilize resources by optimizing test ordering practices. Test Utilization can be used to target and track the highest-cost testing to see which rules, types of rules, providers and locations are responsible for the most spending on unnecessary testing.

The comprehensive dashboards within hc1 Test Utilization paint a complete picture overview of a lab’s exceptions. Actionable data on where and how often misutilization occurs enables lab leaders to create and support performance improvement plans.

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Empowering labs to reduce waste and better utilize resources.

Provider ordering habits

Another acute method for optimizing a lab is identifying opportunities to align provider ordering habits with laboratory testing best practices. Solutions like hc1 Order Oversight™ can help lab leaders improve the quality of care for patients by identifying testing that falls outside of best practices guidelines. Order Oversight enables labs to reduce costs by eliminating duplicate testing, rein in unnecessary testing, and target change to specific providers or medical groups.

The top capabilities of hc1 Order Oversight include:

  • Concurrent test detection 
  • Duplicate test detection 
  • Provider ordering behavior and habits
  • Ability to monitor testing data over time

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Align provider ordering habits with laboratory testing best practices.

Sendout Testing

Dashboards with real-time insights

hc1 Sendout Management™ consolidates laboratory sendout data in one place, providing real-time insights into reference lab performance and cost to inform operational decisions. How do we do this? Through customized dashboards and filters that uncover actionable insights which help labs optimize their reference lab spending with real-time visibility into their sendout testing volume, reference lab performance and costs.

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 Transform sendout testing processes.

Labs trust hc1

For over a decade, hc1 has been helping labs leverage their data insights to optimize operations,  engage with providers and inform testing and treatment decisions.

hc1 solutions empower thousands of laboratory locations to optimize operations and inform testing and treatment decisions for millions of patients. The hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ organizes diagnostic data for over 200 million patients and processes more than 30 billion clinical transactions and 500 million test results per month.

Tired of struggling to overcome your largest lab challenges? Let us show you how you can easily leverage your data effectively and eliminate those roadblocks. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making and take your business to the next level today.

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