Target your professional education needs and resources easily!

hc1 Academy® provides easy access to custom customer content and product learning paths through knowledge base articles, certification learning modules and the ability to register for upcoming webinars without an email invitation.

hc1 Academy is accessible through any hc1 environment and can be found by clicking the "?" icon in the upper right corner of that environment.

Personalized education

hc1 Academy personalizes the training process and makes it easy for users to learn at their own pace. Training is tailored specifically to the user or an administrator and only the information the client requires, based on their subscription, is presented which makes it easy to navigate.

Conveniently located resources

Training handouts, recordings, Online Help and certification assessments are all in one location and basic information is listed in sequential learning paths.

Search resources specific to the user role

Browse by topic, use the search bar, or simply click on the required material for the specific user role. Larger knowledge base articles have clickable outlines for easy navigation directing to exactly what you are seeking.

Learn according to your best method

hc1 Academy engages different learning styles with content in text, video and illustrated printable formats. Clearly highlights information that is required for your role and offers a way to test platform knowledge via certification e-learning modules.


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