Labs can deliver more than just test results

An estimated 70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results produced by the approximately 260,000 CLIA-certified laboratories that perform more than 14 billion laboratory tests each year. There is no question that labs are a critical part of the care team. By leveraging the vast amounts of data the lab produces within the healthcare organization to optimize operations, reduce costs and improve care, the lab can bring more than just individual test results to the table.

Data is the lab's superpower

Data is one of the most valuable assets the laboratory has at its disposal, but many labs aren’t using it to their advantage. See how hc1 helps labs leverage the power of their own data.

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Consultative labs deliver more value to providers

By adopting a proactive, consultative approach to customer service, laboratories can strengthen and elevate their role within the care team while also improving patient care. Labs that take a consultative approach to service, deliver more than just test results in a timely fashion. They bring added value to the clinicians they serve through proactive guidance gleaned from the vast amounts of laboratory data they produce each day.

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Lab staffing can be strategic rather than stressful

We are currently creating hc1 Workforce Optimization™ to identify lab staffing needs and project demands in the lab. The solution will connect timekeeping data with testing data to optimize staffing based on volume by department. Early adopters will have a special opportunity to see value in this new solution.

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