Timely Local Insights<br /> Protecting communities and micro-communities during pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted global pubic health response and extreme challenges are presented at a local and micro-community level.

Individuals spend their days moving between various forms of micro-communities such as the workplace and schools.

The ability to sustain a safe micro-community environment necessitates an ability to gauge the risk associated with an infected, yet asymptomatic, employee or student.
Many workplace executives, education leaders, and public health officials have found themselves lacking an effective strategy for tracking infection on a granular level and managing risk to ensure the highest level of employee and student safety.


Download this complimentary white paper to:

  • Inform optimal actions for minimizing infection risk in micro-communities.
  • Learn how the hc1 Local Risk Index (LRI) predicts CV19 risk at a hyper-local level
  • Understand how communities can strategically use LRI
  • Identify proactive measures for your communities